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Frequently Asked Questions

We do more than just plan events, we transform product launches into experiences. Learn more about our capabilities and get answers to common questions below.

Virtual Events

Absolutely! Companies must continue to connect with their clients, their customers, and the media, especially right now. Hybrid and virtual events are the best way to deliver your message today.

As hybrid and virtual events will be an expectation of many attendees moving forward, they will remain a part of our corporate infrastructure, even when live events return.

We recommend three months, from start to finish. Can we pull a virtual event together quicker than 3 months? Sure, we can!

The most important components for hybrid and virtual events are a sound timeline, plenty of engaging content, high quality technology, powerful marketing, and one event management team to pull it all together.

The secret to keeping audiences engaged virtually is in the technology. Consider using professional speakers, an MC, or interactive features for an elevated virtual experience.

Of course! Book your strategy session with a Virtual Event Specialist to bring your vision to life.

With our virtual event technology solutions, you can have multiple speakers with seamless participation, whether they are at home, in their office, or on a virtual stage. Similarly, the opportunities are endless for breakout rooms - how many would you like? Will your attendees select their breakouts or will we manage that for you? Our virtual event technology solutions allow us to get creative with the options and have fun with this!

Absolutely! Let us paint a picture for you...imagine your exhibitors have their own virtual space and your attendees can view each booth from home. With our virtual event technology, attendees can set individual appointments to meet or chat in real-time and have access to promotional materials at any time. Don’t forget about the sponsored reception the night before - we’ll be shipping mixology kits ahead of time to get the party started!

We’re here to help you create your virtual event budget for an experience that goes beyond the tired, boring and unpolished Zoom meetings. Understanding your vision is the first step to our strategy session. Give us just a day and you’ll have what you need to make your first move. Book a strategy session with our Virtual Event Specialists now.

Tech companies are really good at pushing buttons and putting wires together - that’s what they do best. At RMI, we strategize, build, and execute seamless experiences. That’s what we’ve done best since 1997, and we’re only getting better!

Product Launches

No, it is not necessary to have an existing customer base. We partner with our clients to generate leads and build the customer base they need for a successful event.

The most important thing you can do to increase audience engagement is to communicate often, and well. Your audience wants to know exactly what will be expected of them during the event, and the best time to communicate these details is before the event begins.


As far as we’re concerned, it’s never a good idea to delay a product launch. Whatever the circumstances or challenges you’re facing, there are options and alternative solutions available to get your product out to your market. We’d be honored to support you in creating a new strategy. 

We create a customized checklist for each of our clients to ensure we capture every essential detail of your event, and that nothing falls through the cracks. Speak with an event planning specialist now.

We have experience planning and managing product launches for both B2B and B2C companies. We plan and manage product launch events in live, virtual and hybrid capacities.

Live Events

Live events will return, and hopefully very soon! That said, you may need to plan a hybrid event (part live, part virtual) to accommodate members of your audience who are reluctant to attend a live event or who are unable to make it due to travel restrictions.

Need help strategizing a hybrid event? Speak with an event planner now.

Once an event is on our calendar, we check in daily with all relevant federal, state, and facility sources to ensure we stay up-to-date on the latest information. We inform our clients of any required live event guideline changes throughout the planning and execution process.

Yes! RMI is a full service event planning and management company. During your deep dive strategy session we’ll discuss all of your live event needs, including, but not limited to music venues, promoters, booking agents, and entertainers.

Good news! There will be no need to invest in any special software to work with us. We primarily work in Excel when planning events as it is easy to use, and helps ensure all of our team members are on the same page.

Incentive Packages

Absolutely. According to RecruiterBox, “80 percent of workers who feel appreciated by their employers stay with their companies.” Employee appreciation and retention go hand-in-hand, and incentive packages is one way to ensure your employees feel truly appreciated, while also ultimately resulting in a higher ROI for the company.

Anything your employees would enjoy but most likely wouldn’t purchase for themselves. We suggest presenting your employees with a few options that include luxury products and services. Vacations have a long history of being a favorite incentive package option for both the providers and the recipients.

Of course! Incentive packages can be customized to fit every budget and to appeal to employees at every level.

The truth is, humans are competitive creatures. Whether they’re competing with each other with other departments, or even with themselves, our goal-driven incentive programs generate excitement, because they are worth competing for!

Appreciation Boxes

We work with you to create a personalized, high-touch appreciation box that pleasantly surprises the receivers and ensures a connection to your company culture.

We typically recommend connecting with your employees on a quarterly basis. This is especially important when your team is working from home.

Absolutely. Every box we create for our clients is designed to encourage connection and communication, creating a culture of appreciation and employee recognition, and motivating your employees to continue doing their best work for you.