About Us

When our Founder and CEO Kathi was just 15 years old, she started working in corporate event development at a major amusement park in Minnesota.

By the time she was 16, she became a lead within an expanding division of the park. Despite her young age, she played an instrumental role in business growth and innovation, and was always dedicated to thinking outside of the box and bringing new opportunities to light.

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Kathi continued working in event planning and site selection positions. After 5 years of making a mark for herself in the event management industry, Kathi became an Event Management Consultant for the Fortune 500 recreational vehicle company, Polaris Industries.

Kathi drove transformative results for Polaris, attracting more clients and increasing revenue. Building on this momentum, she founded Reaction Management, Inc. (RMI) in 1997.

Today, the RMI team includes a seasoned team of Event Managers. Our impeccable attention to detail, meticulous follow-through skills, and unwavering loyalty to clients and vendors are just a few things that set us apart in a very crowded marketplace. We provide elite corporate event management and product launch services along with incentive packages and appreciation gift programs to brands including Toyota/Lexus, Indian Motorcycle, Nikola, Blake Shelton’s restaurant brand Ole Red, Slingshot, Ryman Hospitality, Polaris (Yes! After all of these years, we’re still supporting planning and managing their product launches, incentive packages, and appreciation gift programs!), and many more.

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Meet Your Executive Planners

Kathi Healy
Kristine Janisko
Kris Jarland
Devon McManis

Our Core Values

We push the standard of excellence by reaching higher, going further, and encouraging our employees and clients to do the same. We integrate our core values into our day-to-day operations, as follows:


Every employee’s voice is heard at RMI. People are safe to be who they are within the company. We bring that to every partnership, respecting our clients vision and taking it into consideration when proposing ideas and next steps.


We do the right thing every time. We step up all challenges and operate with transparency. At RMI, we act in your best interest to save you time, money, and your reputation. RMI stands for working with integrity and managing events the right way, with experience and heart.


We think outside the box to offer innovative solutions and memorable experiences. When faced with challenges, we deliver options to address every outcome. At RMI, we work as a team to discover all possibilities to bring your vision to life.


We are passionate about facilitating connections in a myriad of ways, from sending handwritten thank you letters to building engaging and interactive events. At RMI, we bring virtual event management strategy and leverage industry resources to reimagine how brands connect.


We always put people first and take care of each other. At RMI, we always put the success of your event first, never taking the easy way out. We love making our clients feel cared for, personally and professionally.

We Design, Build, And Manage Innovative Product Launch Solutions.

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