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Event Management Solutions

With over 20 years of full-service, corporate event management expertise, we help further elevate your brand and showcase your unique offerings in engaging ways. You can lean on us, Reaction Management, Inc. (RMI), for your all-in-one solution to:

Seamlessly Launch Products

Elevate Customer Experiences

Drive Brand Loyalty

Live Events

Garnering the attention of the media, potential investors, and your customers at your live event is more challenging than ever in today’s noisy marketplace. Your products must look better, sound better, and feel better than ever before. Your presentation must be unique, elevated, and reflective of your brand.

We have dedicated our careers to mastering all aspects of event planning and execution, allowing our clients to host seamless live events that create memorable brand experiences, showcase what makes their products so irresistible, and drive revenue growth.

Hybrid & Virtual Events

Do you need to transform a live event into a virtual or hybrid experience?

Now more than ever, brands across the globe are challenged with strategically shifting to virtual experiences.

We know shifting to hybrid & virtual events can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. At RMI, we go the extra mile to deliver superior service and address any challenges in managing your event.


Let us help you reimagine hybrid & virtual experiences for your brand. To elevate client experience and drive brand loyalty virtually, you need strategy that:

  • Does more than just push buttons and put wires together
  • Goes beyond getting the right people to attend
  • Exceeds expectations of professionalism and luxury

We consider your brand’s culture and personality to uncover every possibility and capitalize on every opportunity that will maximize your brand’s potential and create memorable experiences.


We create, organize, and manage the logistics of hybrid & virtual meetings, events, product launches, trade shows, and expos. With RMI corporate event management solutions, you will: 

  • Attract investors, media attention, and new customers
  • Give your product the best first impression
  • Strengthen brand loyalty
  • Connect with strategic partners and internal workforces
  • Provide your audience with the outstanding virtual brand experiences


Incentive Packages & Appreciation Boxes

Incentive Packages

For years, corporations like yours have recognized top performers by providing them with all-expense paid travel incentives. When government restrictions make travel impossible, it’s time to reimagine incentive packages.

Our custom incentive packages are filled with highly desirable products that can be enjoyed at home, for years to come. Think Peloton health and wellness family packages and outdoor grilling and TV packages, and you have the right idea.

How It Works

  1. You select curated incentive options that fit in your budget
  2. We provide a web page that showcases the incentives
  3. Award-winners choose the package they prefer
  4. Incentive packages are delivered and enjoyed

Appreciation Boxes

If you are like many of our clients, you know the importance of showing appreciation for your team, strategic partners, and clients, especially during challenging times like these. With custom appreciation boxes, you can create an element of surprise and give a memorable experience to the people who are the most important to your business. We design, assemble, and deliver appreciation boxes to your employees, strategic partners, and social influencers for:
  • Holidays & Days of Awareness
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Return To The Office
  • Just Because
  • …And Many More!